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OpenStack Australia Day Melbourne – Speaker Submission & FAQ

Are sessions recorded?

All presentations are recorded on video. Photos, videos and presentation slides from the event will be posted to the OpenStack Australia Day website to be accessible by the OpenStack community, particularly for those who are unable to attend on the day.

How long are presentation sessions?

Each speaker has been allocated 25 minutes (with the exception of platinum sponsors, who have 45 minutes). As such, please ensure your presentation does not exceed 25 minutes, or 20 minutes if you’d like to include a short Q&A session at the end. This will allow for 5 minutes changeover between each speaker to ensure that each presentation starts on time, and that attendees can change rooms if required.

What track should I submit my talk into?

There will be three tracks running simultaneously at OpenStack Australia Day Melbourne:

  • Business track
    This track is suitable for all audiences, and will feature business style sessions, case studies and strategies from Enterprises, SME’s and Vendors. Speakers are encouraged to share business oriented user stories to highlight how real world organisations are implementing Open Source software, as well as to share tips, products & services which would be of value to the community.
  • Technical track
    This track is aimed at intermediate to advanced audiences and will cover more in-depth technical subjects, workshops, demonstrations and hands-on labs. If you’re a Sysadmin, Developer, DevOps or any OpenStack User, share your love (or hate!) for working with Open Source software here. Get the audience involved with a hands-on lab or training session.
  • Research & Innovation track
    This track is suitable for all audience levels and will include sessions supporting Education, Research and Innovation. We would highly encourage staff and students working in research institutions to submit sessions highlighting how you are using OpenStack to enable faster innovation.

What is the selection process?

Once your session has been received, it will be reviewed by the selection panel (consisting of two OpenStack Foundation Board members, and three OpenStack Ambassadors). All sessions will be reviewed under the same selection criteria to ensure that we provide the most beneficial content to conference attendees.

This criteria includes:

  • One presentation per subject to avoid duplicate content.
  • Chosen presentations must suit a range of experience levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).
  • Chosen content must include a range of technical and high level/business presentations.
  • No sales/company pitches.
  • Content must be beneficial to conference attendees.
  • Presentation slots must be reserved for all sponsors sessions. Presentations from sponsors are still subject to presentation selection criteria.

Do speakers need to buy a ticket?

As a presenter, you will be provided with a ticket at no charge. Details will be sent to you via email once your session has been accepted.

When do speaker submissions close?

Speaker submissions close on the 8th of May. However, earlier submissions may be added to the agenda prior to this date if approved, so we recommend submitting your talk as soon as possible.